Exposition of Gem Stones

  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1760
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1759
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1736
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1758
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1738
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1761
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1737
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1735
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1731
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1733
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1732
  • expozice-drahych-kamenu-1757

In the Exposition of Gem stones you can see dozens of minerals from the surroundings of Nová Paka, which are polished and ordered according to their finding places. Most of them are various types of quartz, with many different colours, crystals and structure due to alternations in chemical composition of their bedrock melaphyres.