Sucharda’s House

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The Town Museum in Nová Paka was founded only in 1908, but you can find very interesting expositions here. Most visitors coming here want to see the exposition of The Treasury of Precious Stones and Spiritism in Podkrkonoší, which are situated in the new building. But when you cross the street you are in front of The Sucharda´s House, built in 1896 in neo- renaissance style. These decorations were made by members of the famous Sucharda family (Antonín Sucharda, Stanislav and Vojtech Sucharda, Ann Sucharda-Bouda). They showed their sense of humour with the funny and wise proverbs written on the building. Not by chance, there´s a historic exposition of the Museum in this building, and also exhibitions of many artists who come from Nová Paka are held here. The founder of the artistic tradition of this family was Jan Sucharda senior, who was born in 1770. Maybe you won´t believe it but this tradition lives on. First the Suchardas created monuments, tombstones, statues, crisps and marionettes. The most famous family member was Stanislav Sucharda (1866 – 1966) – creator of F. Palacký´s monument in Prague. His younger brother Vojtech (1884 -1968) made apostle statues for The Prague horologe and he was also co-author of the plastic decoration in the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague and he was the founder of „ The Land of Marionettes“ scene. Their sister A. Boudová was mother of famous illustrator Cyril Bouda. Suchardas´ work influenced other artists in Nová Paka – painter Josef Tulka (the decoration of The National Theater in Prague), but also other artists come from Nová Paka : painters Číla, Otakar Zemina, Božena Kuhnová-Hliněnská and the famous Group 42 – painter František Gros, photographer Miroslav Hák, sculptor Ladislav Zívr and many others. We could name many personalities, editor and a member of Paulans´ order František Faustin Procházka, philologist Jindřich Nýdrle, composer of the first printed „polka“ František Matěj Hilmar, writer J.K.Šlejhar, poet Jan Opolský, cartographer Matěj Semík, mineralogist Karel Tuček, philologist Jan Gebauer from Úbislavice (village near Nová Paka), writer Josef Kocourek from Brdo (village near N.P.)

In the historic exposition of The Museum you´ll meet the exhibits, which show the remarkable history and cultural atmosphere of this town, which were influenced by characteristic features of the inhabitants and the type of the landscape and also „something between heaven and earth“. This reflected in the special oddity, when completely opposite phenomena were standing side by side. Walking among the exhibits we realized the influence of The Assumption Monasterial Church in the time when Nová Paka was a pilgrimage place and belonged the suzerain of the Kumburk castle.

This town and surroundings were interesting for its folk architecture, sandstone sculptures and also painted furniture, pottery, blueprint, crisp-making, gingerbread-making, marionettes and painter´s and sculptors´ workshops. Nová Paka is also known for its spiritists , for example Karel Sezemský who edited magazine called „The messenger from the other world“ and led the edition „Spirit“. And we must mention motorist Antonín Vitvar and autocross races in Štikovská rokle.

These expositions will not only be interesting expirience for you but also inspiration for sightseeing of our town and trips in the surroundings.